Kimberley Liadis

Fiscal Manager

I began working for Alta Care Group in the summer of 2015 shortly after they were awarded the Head Start program. Previously, I had worked as a Fiscal Support Professional in a local non-profit organization serving the low-income population in the community for several decades. Through the years I have worked in nearly every position within the Accounting/Fiscal Department and I have had the pleasure of working with the Head Start program since 1991.  I studied Accounting and Data Processing at ITT- Youngstown College of Business and Professional Drafting, I pursued a course of study in Certified Purchasing Management at YSU, and I have also studied Non-Profit Accounting receiving my Certified Non-Profit Accounting Professional (CNAP) certificate.  Although I do not work directly with the wonderful children in the Head Start program, I feel every dollar well managed allows for our program to serve and meet the needs of an additional child in our community.