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Apply Now

If your child is birth through 5 years old and lives in Mahoning County, apply today!

Apply In Person

Parents/guardians may stop at our Main Office located at 142 Javit Court, our McCartney Road site located at 1988 McCartney Road, our Renaissance site located at 345 Oak Hill Avenue, or our Campus of Care site located at 1960 County Line Rd. in Mineral Ridge, to complete an application. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Please contact us at 330-736-0071 and ask for the Enrollment Department, if you face significant difficulty in completing your child’s application in-person or online.

IMPORTANT! You must bring the following information with you in order to complete the application process:

  1. Proof of income
  2. Proof of birth of the child
  3. Proof of residency
  4. Custody or restraining order documentation (if applicable)

Children are selected for Head Start/Early Head Start by a committee. The decision is based on an approved criteria ranking point system as well as family needs. If your child is accepted, you must have a doctor and dentist complete the physical and dental form you were given at the time you applied.

Express Application

This is a simplified application form with the basic information we need to get started. If you choose to only submit this Express Application, we will contact you to further discuss your child’s application.

Express Online Application

Apply Online: Additional Forms

These additional four forms will complete your child’s initial application to our program. Please complete these additional forms only after submitting the Express Application above.

Answer every question on each form. Use N/A if the information requested does not apply to your child/family. If you’re not sure how to answer the question, please leave it blank and we will review it with you.

Once you submit these forms, someone from our program will contact you regarding your child’s enrollment. We will then schedule a convenient appointment for you to sign the application and provide the required documents. You must click the SUBMIT button, on the last page of these forms, so we will receive your application. If we do not contact you within three business days of submitting these forms, call us at (330) 736-0071.

To complete these additional forms, you must have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader installed on your computer, tablet, or device.

  1. Click the button below to open the downloadable PDF in your browser
    1. ALTERNATE: right-click or long-press the button and choose “Save Link As” to directly save the PDF without opening in the browser (go to step 3)
  2. In the top right corner, click the download arrow to save the PDF to your computer/device
  3. Open the PDF form in Adobe Acrobat Reader (if filling out from a computer, make sure your computer does not automatically open the PDF in your browser, you will not be able to save and submit your form from a browser)
  4. Once you fill out and save your form, hit the Submit All Forms button at the end of the last page
  5. Choose how you want to send your email (Default Email Application—e.g. Outlook, Mail, etc. OR Webmail— e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  6. Complete the prompts to connect to your email account and generate the draft email
  7. Send the automatically created email to Alta Head Start

NOTE: If the submit all forms button does not work, please email the completed and saved application
to dwashington@altaheadstart.org with the subject line “Child Enrollment and Health Information Form Application”.
For additional questions contact our Main Office at 330-736-0071 and ask for the Enrollment Department, for further assistance.

Child Enrollment and Health Information Application


Please note! Do not complete the Additional Forms if your child is eligible for re-enrollment in the program, or you have already completed your child’s first time application, for the 2020-2021 school year. Contact our Main Office at 330-736-0071 and ask for the Enrollment Department, for further assistance.